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What is Table Top Epoxy?

It is a high-performance two-component epoxy system designed for Table Tops, Bars, Wood finishes, Artwork, and other applications requiring a clear, strong, and high-gloss coating. 

What is the recommended pour depth?

Table Top is designed for 1/8" pours.

Do I need a seal coat?

Yes. We always recommend applying a seal coat prior to a “flood” coat. The seal coat will fill the small cracks, crevices, and pores in the material, which will eliminate most air bubble production during the “flood” coat.

Can I layer it to achieve a greater depth?

Yes. You can pour additional layers of ⅛” at a time once the previous layer has achieved a tacky cure (4-6 hours). At this point, the epoxy will have gelled but the surface will be tacky to the touch.

Is Table Top food safe?

Yes, it is! It complies with the standards listed in FDA 21 CFR 175.300, for food contact. 

Is it epoxy heat and UV resistant?

Our epoxy products can withstand heat resistance up to 120F. It is also UV resistant for indoor and covered patio use, but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or for use in full-outdoor applications is not recommended.

How strong are the fumes?

All of our products are odorless and contain zero VOCs, so they are safe to use indoors. However, this is highly subjective depending on how sensitive a person is and their sense of smell: some people will notice a scent and some people won't smell anything. 

If you, however, find the smell bothersome, feel free to wear a mask. The best practice is to work in a ventilated room for fresh air.

How long will it last in the containers?

The shelf life of Table Top Epoxy is approximately 2 years when stored at 55-85° with tightly sealed lids.

Will your epoxy resin change the color of my wood?

Bare wood typically takes on a slightly richer color when wet out with our Table Top. A good comparison is the color difference of wet vs dry wood, although the extent of the color change can vary based on wood type. When in doubt, run a small-scale test to ensure you're happy with the saturated color. 

Is this scratch-resistant?

Yes, it has a hardness rating of 81 Shored D and is resistant to scuffing and scratching under normal table wear and tear conditions. The best practice is to let the epoxy fully cure in a week before putting it into service.

Should I mix it by weight or by volume?

Our Epoxy Resin is meant to be measured using a 1:1 ratio by volume. Sides A and B differ in weight so it would not be accurate to weigh the sides before mixing. If you use this method of measurement, you are more likely to have curing problems or sticky/tacky epoxy.

What is the working and curing time of deep pour?

Working time for Deep Pour is between 6-12 hours and cure time is approximately 72 hours, based on ambient conditions.  For best results, do not use it for one week, until it has reached its full strength.

How deep can I pour?

For large pours, we recommend limiting it to 1.5" depth at a time.

Should I measure by volume or by weight?

We recommend mixing it by volume.

How much mica powder do I add to the mixture?

Start with a small amount and gradually add more, until you achieve the opacity desired. It is not recommended that you use more than 3 grams of mica powder for each gallon of epoxy.

Can I use Deep Pour for a topcoat?

Upstart Deep Pour is not recommended for coating. When it is poured as a topcoat, it will take too long for it to cure. It was designed to be finished; therefore, we recommend coating it with our Table Top Epoxy after it has cured for a high-gloss finish or that it will be sanded and polished for a lower-gloss finish.  

Can I pour more than 2" at a time?

We do not recommend pouring more than 2" at a time. Exceeding pour depth could cause the epoxy to generate excess heat, exotherm, smoke, and then cure quickly inside the bucket. 

How long will it last in the containers?

The shelf life of Deep Pour is approximately 2 years when stored at 55-85° with tightly sealed lids.

What is the difference between the Art Resin and the Table Top epoxy?

The Art Resin has a longer working time than the Table Top epoxy, has a higher viscosity, for doming and other techniques, and cures in 48 hours.

Does this product cure a high gloss?

Yes. Similar to our Table Top epoxy, the Art Resin cures to a very high-gloss, clear, and durable finish.

Can I pour additional layers of ⅛” on epoxy that has been fully cured?

Yes. For best results when pouring over cured epoxy, the previous layer should be sanded lightly

with 220-grit sandpaper and then wiped down with a soft cloth to remove any debris.

Is this food safe?

Yes, it is! It complies with the standards listed in FDA 21 CFR 175.300, for food contact.

Is Art Resin epoxy heat and UV Resistant?

It can withstand heat resistance up to 120F. It is also UV resistant for indoor and covered patio use, but prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or for use in full-outdoor applications is not recommended.

How strong are the fumes?

All of our products are odorless and contain zero VOCs, so they are safe to use indoors.

How long will the epoxy and hardener last in the containers after I open them?

When stored at a temperature range between 55-85° F, with tightly sealed lids, the Art Resin will

last for a minimum of 6 months. 

I plan to do multiple pours of 1/8" using Art Resin and insert coins to my coasters. When is the best time to insert the objects?

With gloved hands, drop the objects into the wet resin, after immediately the first pour, in whatever pattern you desire. Allow it to be tacky dry for 3-5 hours, then pour a second coat to cover the objects.

Are your mica powders cosmetic grade?

Our mica powders are cosmetic-grade, non-toxic, and are safe to use indoors, but we still recommend taking precautionary measures when using them for cosmetic purposes. They could still possibly irritate one’s skin, so please be careful!

Are the mica powders safe for food and indoor use?

Yes! Our mica powders comply with the standards listed in FDA 21 CFR 175.300 for food contact. They are cosmetic-grade, non-toxic, and are safe to use indoors. 

Can I buy one color?

Our mica powders are sold in a variety pack of 25 colors to provide our customers with a large number of color options at a low price. 

We do not sell individual colors at this time, but continue to check back in the future as we update our store!

Can I use a different brand of mica powder on your resin?

Yes! However, all mica powders are unique. It's always a good idea to check with your brand's manufacturer to verify this information. 

NOTE: The use of third-party products in combination with Upstart Epoxy voids the 100% satisfaction guarantee. As we do not have quality control over 3rd party products, we can no longer guarantee the desired end result.

How much powder or pigment is needed per gallon of an epoxy mixture?

There is no specific answer. The amount of pigment solely depends on the outcome that the user wants. It depends on the shade of the color that the user wants to achieve. We recommend adding the pigment in small amounts. You can start with an eighth of a teaspoon (3 grams) and add gradually while mixing.

Normally, castings will need less pigment whereas coatings will need more pigment. Epoxy with a 2:1 mix ratio needs less pigment while those with a 1:1 mix ratio need more.

What precautions should I take while using mica powder?

Be sure to keep your powders away from moisture, ensuring that they are completely dry before mixing them into your epoxy resin. This will prevent the chance of your project curing improperly. As with all fine powders, a dust mask or respirator is recommended for use with mica powders.

When or how will I receive this course?

You will receive an order confirmation email with instructions for creating your account shortly after purchasing the course.

I'm a beginner. How can this course help me?

This will be your Go-To Guide when you start working with Epoxy Resin. Here you will learn how to create incredible resin projects and crafts, from choosing your materials to finishing touches, all the tips and tricks that nobody tells you when you start.

Do I get a physical delivery?

Nope! Everything is delivered digitally so you will have instant access anytime, anywhere!

How long does it take to complete this course?

The course is a 25-video lesson course. Each step consists of modules that would help you start your journey working with resins most efficiently.

What if my resin cures tacky or sticky?

Sticky resin is typically caused by inaccurate measuring, not mixing thoroughly, or by curing in cold temperatures. Try moving your piece to a warmer spot: if it doesn't dry, re-pour with a fresh coat of resin.

I accidentally used the wrong ratio. What will happen to my pour?

 There is a tendency that it will not cure properly, or may cure to a very brittle or may end up weak. If the ratio is altered, the material properties generally are poorer, i.e., less strength, less heat resistance, less hardness, or even no cure. 

How to fix it if I used the wrong ratio?

The only sure way to save the project is to remove the epoxy completely. You can remove the tacky product by scraping off and using a solvent, like Denatured Alcohol.

What causes cloudiness and bubbles? How do we fix this?

There are many factors that cause the appearance of bubbles. 

1. The wood is absorbing too much of the seal coat causing it to displace more air bubbles. That's why certain areas look sealed properly but other areas look glossy where the epoxy didn't get absorbed. They need to be applied first with a seal coat, either with multiple seal coats and sanded in between until there is no more absorption. 

2. If the temperature was too low, then it can become cloudy or have bubbles when pouring. Using a torch or heat gun, apply heat 6-8 inches above the surface in a back and forth motion to remove bubbles. Be careful not to overheat, scorch or burn the epoxy. Periodically check for additional bubbles and remove as needed.

3. If you exceeded the resin's pour depth, then the surface can become cloudy because bubbles get trapped in the deeper part and the torch won't be able to reach them.

4. If the resin was not mixed properly, it can sometimes become cloudy or not cure properly.

Can it be applied over any oil-based finishes?

No, oil-stained finishes do not adhere well with the epoxy.

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