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DIY Epoxy Resin Quad Pours: Part 2
Follow along as we finish off this gorgeous quad pour charcuterie board!
DIY Epoxy Resin Quad Pours: Part 1
Learn how to do a successful quad pour, as well as wood and epoxy tips and how to create HDPE forms!
Tips And Tricks For Finishing An Epoxy Resin Piece
In this tutorial, you’ll learn basic fundamental tips for flawless seal and flood coats.
Small Resin Crafts: DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry Pendants
Enjoy smaller epoxy resin projects? Learn how to make jewelry pendants with art resin in this mini tutorial!
Must-Know Tips For Using Epoxy Resin And Wood!
Wood and epoxy resin make a great team- here’s how to use them together properly for beautiful project outcomes!
Multi-Color Epoxy Resin Pours l Mini DIY Tutorial

Want to try a multicolored epoxy pour? Here’s how to make those colors blend and compliment beautifully. 

Epoxy Resin Molds: Practical Tips For Building DIY Epoxy Molds
Making your own molds is essential to becoming an epoxy expert. Here’s how to make your own epoxy resin molds at home!
Step-By-Step Guide to Mixing, Pouring, and Curing Epoxy Resin for Perfection
Working on new epoxy creations? Try out Upstart Epoxy’s ‘Mix, Pour, Cure’ (MPC) method for project perfection.
Easy Epoxy Resin Techniques: How To Do A Flood Coat
Flood coats complete your epoxy resin projects, adding a glossy, high quality finish. Here’s how to finish your projects off right with an additional coat!
Easy Epoxy Resin Techniques: How To Do A Seal Coat
What’s worse than bubbles? Bubbles that stay forever. Here’s how to seal your projects to save yourself the headache.
Achieve A GORGEOUS Epoxy Resin Ashtray l DIY Decor Mini Tutorial
Ashtrays are a small epoxy project that you can make for a quick home decor update! Learn how to make them and impress your guests!
DIY Epoxy Resin Two Stage Pours l Tutorial For Beginners

Two-stage pours are perfect if you want to create an epoxy project with serious depth! Check out this mini tutorial on how to do it effectively.

Mini Tutorial: Create A Flawless Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Board
Ready to make an incredible charcuterie board you can show off proudly? Here’s a mini tutorial on how to put one together like a pro.
DIY Home Decor Transformation: Update Your Old Table With Epoxy Resin!
Out with the old, in with the new! Update an old RV table top with Steve of Upstart Epoxy.
Best Upkeep Practices For Maintaining Epoxy Resin Projects
Ever wondered how to achieve a perfect epoxy finish and keep your epoxy projects in tip-top shape?? Read this tutorial for best practices and more!
How To Make A Perfect Epoxy Resin Dining Room Table
Looking to create a large epoxy project? Follow along as Steve constructs a stunning, 7-foot dining room table using our deep pour epoxy.
How To Get Started with Epoxy Resin | For Beginners
Picking up a new hobby for the new year? Here are all the unique characteristics of all of our epoxy resins- you'll be a pro in no time.
Layering Epoxy For Woodworking Perfection l Step-By-Step Guide
Epoxy and wood make an incredible team! Steve gives you some basic tips and tricks on how to work with them together the right way.
DIY Fireplace Mantel With Epoxy Resin l Full Build Tutorial
Want to repurpose some old wood? Steve shows us how he turned this piece of weathered cottonwood into a functional fireplace mantel.
How to Achieve a Layered Epoxy Resin Effect
If you've ever wondered how long you should wait between resin layers, check out this comprehensive guide on layering like a pro for the perfect effect!
New Year, New Home Decor: Ultimate Beginner’s Guide To Using Art Resin!
Looking to pick up epoxy resin art as a hobby in 2022? Watch as we transform these pieces of pressed wood and turn them into AWESOME decorative artwork!