Achieve A GORGEOUS Epoxy Resin Ashtray l DIY Decor Mini Tutorial

If you’ve ever wanted to make a gorgeous ashtray for a quick home decor update, this is the tutorial for you! Today, Steve with Upstart Epoxy walks you through the creation of a DIY epoxy resin ashtray that’ll impress your guests! 

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

Estimated Working Time: 24-48 Hours

What You’ll Need: 


Create A Form

The first thing we’ll work on is constructing a form. These can be made out of something as simple as plywood- just make sure you cut the sides properly and measure them out. To keep the wooden form together, use a nail gun or a drill with screws to keep it tight. 


Seal Your Form

When that’s finished, seal the form with silicone and finish it off with Tyvek tape. This will prevent the epoxy from sticking to the form, and allow for easy removal once you’re ready to take it out of the mold. Silicone makes the process even better because it clogs all the seams in your form, which lessens the chance of a leak. 


Add The Wood Slabs

Use your heat gun or glue to secure the wood slabs to your brand new form, and then mix up your deep pour and add your powdered pigments. Pour the mixture into your form, then use a heat gun to remove air bubbles.


Demold And Finish

Once your ashtray has fully cured, you can start the demolding and finishing process by cleaning up the edges. Next, use your table top epoxy to add a clear coat to the ashtray, giving it a glossy finish. Once that has cured, your ashtray is all done!

Remember- your projects created with tabletop epoxy can be cured to the touch in 24-48 hours, but it's not fully cured for 30 days. That means the surface won’t be able to take extreme heat for a month. Give it 30 days before you put your new ashtray to the test.