Easy Epoxy Resin Techniques: How To Do A Flood Coat

Flood coats bring out the beauty in your work, giving your DIY projects a high-quality feel. These coats are especially helpful when you’re working with wood! Here’s how you can do them on your own. 

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

Estimated Working Time: 24-48 Hours

What You’ll Need: 

What Is A Flood Coat? 

Flood coats are coats of epoxy that are about ⅛” thick and cover the entire epoxy project. Their purpose is to complete the project, adding a glossy finish. You can apply as many layers of flood coats as you’d like. 

Mix Your Epoxy

Mix up a fresh batch of table top epoxy resin, no more than an inch thick. Once it’s poured, make sure every area of the project is covered in epoxy- that includes the sides, and the edges. 

Allow your epoxy to drip over the project, and if you want to add additional layers, wait 4 hours in between applications. 

The Curing Process

After the project has slightly cured, you’ll want to attempt to remove any drips. We would say a good time to start this process is around 6 hours of curing. Run a gloved hand (a mixing brush or card works too) on the sides and bottom to remove epoxy drips. 

Finish It Off

After the project has cured for at least 12 hours, sand the edges and the underside of it in between 200-300 grit. When you’re finished, wipe off the dust from the sander with denatured alcohol, and you’re all done. Follow these steps and finish your epoxy project off right!