How To Create A Glossy, Glowing LED Epoxy Resin Sign

LED signs are extremely popular, but are also expensive- don’t worry, you can make your own! In this tutorial, Rob with Upstart Epoxy walks you through the process of creating an AWESOME, GLOWING DIY epoxy resin sign. Let’s get started! 



Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

Estimated Working Time: 5-7 Days

What You’ll Need: 


Pick multiple colors for the project.

For this project, we’re going to pour our deep pour resin into the sign using the transparency method, which gives us a great glow when we add our LED lights. For the transparency method, we’re going to use our powdered pigments set to blend the colors out for our desired opacity, until you get the perfect ratio. The first step is to pick your colors and mix them in small containers to satisfaction! We’re going to do this pour in three stages, so we have a variety of colors throughout the sign. 



Mix your colors to perfection.

We were making a sign of the Upstart Epoxy logo, so we started off with the Deep Pink (MG6) shade and realized it was too pink for our liking. We then added a little Brown (Y411), which darkened the color. For our second shade, we mixed Red Copper (BZ4) and Yellow (YL2), then mixed that same yellow in with the previous Deep Pink (MG6) pigment for the third hue. Now we’re happy with all three colors!



Estimate how much epoxy you’ll need to mix. 

We're going to gradually add these pigments into our epoxy, so it’s time to start mixing our deep pour. We estimated that we’d need two gallons of epoxy, but we planned to mix a little more than that just in case. We want this pour to be pretty deep (¾ of an inch thick to be exact), so let’s make sure that our resin is crystal clear and perfectly transparent. We split the mixture into three quarts, one for each pigment color. We recommend using multiple buckets for this project!



Use a mechanical mixer to blend your epoxy perfectly.

We grabbed a mechanical mixer to mix the epoxy, on low speed to prevent extra bubbles. As we mix, the epoxy gets less hazy and more clear. DIY Tip: Make sure to scrape the sides and the bottom of the bucket so that everything is mixed properly. If you’re using one bucket for all three pours, this step is even more important because you don't want any leftover colored epoxy resin to mix in with your other shades. You’ll know the epoxy is properly mixed if there are no streaks- at this point, you’re ready to put the pigments in! 



Add in your pigment powders one at a time in separate buckets.

Add in a little bit of your pigments at a time and mix thoroughly with your resin to make sure you get the perfect amount of transparency. Repeat this step with all three colors and be sure to blend! If you’re still not satisfied with the color payoff, you can add more of your shades until you get the color you want. 



Now it’s time to conduct the colored pours. 

Remember, we're going to be pouring in stages to get the ultimate color payoff. We started with the darkest color and poured that in slowly, in small amounts. Repeat this step until you have poured all colors. The epoxy will start to naturally swirl and mix, giving your project a very cool effect and a nice color gradient. Let your project cure for three days. 



Start the finishing process. 

After your three day cure, sand down the project, making sure to pay extra attention to the underside. Now, mix up an even, thin layer of tabletop epoxy resin and pour it onto your project. This is a glossy, clear layer that makes your sign a standout! Once the project has fully cured, you’re in the clear to add your LED lights and enjoy the sign!