Small Resin Crafts: DIY Epoxy Resin Jewelry Pendants

If you love smaller art resin crafts, this mini tutorial is for you! Jewelry pendants are one of the easiest epoxy creations ever and require little time and little skill.

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert

Estimated Working Time: 24-48 Hours

What You’ll Need: 

  • Art Resin 
  • Small Wood Slab
  • Tyvek Tape
  • Sander
  • Small Drill
  • Wood Oil

Create A Base For Your Pendant

Grab a small piece of wood to use as the base of your pendant and carve them up. Next, use Tyvek tape to create a reservoir on the top of the base. This is where you will pour your art resin to make the jewelry. 

Once you’ve taped up your piece, you can go ahead and mix up a batch of our art resin and mix it slowly for a few minutes. You don’t need too much here- for this project, we only mixed up about two ounces of art resin.

Pour Into The Pendant

When the resin has been mixed thoroughly and the bubbles have dissipated, you’re ready to pour! We poured in about an inch, stopping just before the art resin reached the top. Next, make sure there were no leaks coming out of the edges or sides that we taped. 

Here’s an important step if you want to add more detail to your resin jewelry. Wait until the art resin is at the consistency of peanut butter before adding additional colors or elements. That's the best time to manipulate your epoxy, as any designs you create will stay put. Don’t skip this step! 

Adding Color To The Jewelry

Now it’s time to choose colors from your powdered pigments set, and mix them into a cup with the leftover resin from your previous pour. As recommended in our last tutorial, we wanted to wait until that first layer got to the consistency of peanut butter before adding in our colored resin. We swirled the colors in and they added a creative, unique touch to the pendants.

Add The Finishing Touches

Once you have added everything you want to the pendant, wait 8-12 hours to remove the tape. At this point, lightly sand the pendant (using 220-grit) to achieve the transparent look and ideal shape you want. This will also get rid of that stickiness from the Tyvek tape, as well as iron out any excess epoxy that may have leaked out. 

Our next step was to drill holes through our pendant so we can run cording through them. We used a small drill and went to town on adding a little hole through it. Next, finish the base off with some wood oil, add in cording, and you’re done! Enjoy the piece!