Mini Tutorial: Create A Flawless Epoxy Resin Charcuterie Board

Ever wondered how to make an incredible charcuterie board? Here’s a mini tutorial on how to put one together like a pro. Follow along!





Skill Level: Intermediate/Expert

Estimated Working Time: 24-48 Hours

What You’ll Need:


Separate The Deep Pour Into Containers


After mixing your deep pour to perfection, start the board by pouring the mixture into separate measuring containers. Remember, deep pour is a 2:1 ratio, and don’t forget to mix for 1-2 minutes before pouring. 

Once 12-24 hours have passed, you’ll be able to swirl and maneuver your epoxy to be the shape you want. After 72 hours, the epoxy will be fully cured and you’re ready to remove it from the form.


Customize The Board To Your Liking


Once the board has cured, you’ll need to plane it, sand it down, and cut out the handle to your liking. Once you have refined the initial cured piece into a usable board, you are ready to bring in the table top!


Introduce The Table Top Epoxy


We recommend warming the table top epoxy up before use, as this will prevent any micro bubbles from appearing. Next, combine and mix your table top into a measuring cup. Pour and watch the explosion of color! 

Add The Finishing Touches


Make sure to evenly coat the sides and surface that you will be using to preserve it. Next, follow up with a heat gun to pop any bubbles that may have surfaced. After allowing the board to cure for 24 hours, you’ll sand off any underside drips and finish that same side off with wood oil.