Where to Buy Epoxy

There are no short of hundreds of options when it comes to trying to figure out where to buy resin. There are also hundreds of options when it comes to selecting the right resin to buy for your project.

But don’t fret - we’ll walk you through where to buy epoxy resin, and the best resin for your project.

Where to buy epoxy resin

Doing research on the best epoxy resin for your project is the first step in understanding where to buy art resin. Is your project a woodworking project? Are you using epoxy to repair old furniture? Or maybe, your project is going to be entirely made of epoxy resin. 

Once you have identified your project, you can start breaking down all the different epoxy products, and where to buy them. 

Things to consider when trying to find where to buy resin

Going to your local box store might be a quick solution, but once you get down the resin aisle you’ll see dozens of options. This is where your research from before comes in handy. Start to navigate the different brands and see what they’re used for, they can range from tabletop use cases, to deep pour solutions, and even to craft and art solutions. 

But the biggest tip we have for you is to read the label and instructions from start to finish.

Lots of epoxy products out there have very particular and detailed directions. Even though the front of the product might tell you one thing, double check on the back and read the fine print. 

However, lots of woodworkers in our community are focused on serving their communities, and also want to support their local economies and businesses. Which leads to a question we get asked a lot - “but where to buy epoxy resin locally?”

Where to buy epoxy resin locally?

When you’re discovering different epoxies for your project, it’s important to look at the fine print. As you do so, you’ll start to notice that most epoxy products out there aren’t manufactured here in the United States. Many are manufactured overseas, such as in China.

Purchasing a product overseas not only hurts the local economy, and the economy of the United States, you’re also buying a product that has a much lower quality. Typically products that aren’t manufactured in the United States flash a quick and easy solution for your epoxy project, but have difficult pours and even start to turn yellow.

Typically, your big box stores don’t sell a product that is 100% made in the United States with a 90-Day guarantee. Try searching for “epoxy products made in the United States” and check out our epoxy here that is produced and shipped in the United States.

Tips and tricks to figure out where to buy resin

Research, research, and more research. Take to searching online your project and the different epoxy use cases. We also recommend learning and listening to other epoxy experts. Once you land on a product that you think would be a good fit, hear what their customers have to say. The testimonials should let you know that it’s easy to use, and perfect for the project you’re looking for. And if you don’t see reviews or happy customers, that might not be a good sign.

Watch lots and lots of epoxy videos. There are thousands of epoxy tutorials out there from experts. They cover exactly how to do your project, and even answer common questions such as “where can I buy resin?” And you might even get some cool project inspiration.

Check where the products are produced and see if they’re local. When you’re shopping online and see common retailers show up as the first or second option, triple check the fine print. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for a cheap product. Most of the time the epoxies that are stocked don’t come with education, support lines, or even product guarantees which can all be useful in the long run.

Remember that research is key when you’re trying to figure out “where to buy resin.”