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Easy DIY Epoxy Resin Pours l Three Full Tutorials
Looking for epoxy resin art ideas for your next project?? Steve highlights his favorite pieces of the year, using all of Upstart Epoxy’s products.
DIY Art Resin Jewelry Pendants: Clever Gift Idea You’ll Love!
Want to know how to make resin jewelry pendants using art resin? Learn how to create this perfect DIY holiday gift in today’s tutorial!
3 DIY Epoxy Resin Projects That Make PERFECT Gifts
Steve gives instructions for one, not two, but three AMAZING resin projects for beginners that you can start working on immediately as gifts for loved ones!
To Swirl Or Not To Swirl? DIY Epoxy Swirling Techniques
Steve shows how to make resin swirls that add depth and flair to your epoxy projects, by demonstrating two artistic techniques!
Want A Flawless Epoxy Resin Finish? l Epoxy Resin Seal Coat Tutorial
In today's tutorial, Steve explains the importance of an epoxy seal coat when working with wood and epoxy, prior to conducting a flood coat.
Basic Tools For Incredible DIY Epoxy Resin Project Outcomes
Today's tutorial lists out all the essential epoxy resin supplies you'll need to make spectacular projects!
How to Epoxy a Table Top Like A Pro
Want to use table top epoxy like a pro? In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use this formula properly for top-notch results.
Resin Prep Secrets: The Best Epoxy Cure Temperature
Steve with Upstart Epoxy shares best practices for achieving the best results when using table top epoxy resin, guaranteed!
Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid When Working With Epoxy l Beginner’s Guide
Steve with Upstart Epoxy breaks down how to fix epoxy mistakes by preventing them from occurring in the first place.
Practical Tips For Using Tabletop Epoxy Resin Like A Pro
Incorrectly mixing your tabletop resin can make or break your projects! Rob shows you exactly how to use it properly and achieve amazing results.
Mixing Epoxy Resin: Tips and Tricks for a Successful Pour
In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn what temperatures to keep your epoxy in, how to work with them once you’ve poured, basic mixing techniques, and more!
Update A Piece With A Gloss Coat l DIY Epoxy Resin Tutorial
Want to breathe new life into an old piece? Jason with Upstart Epoxy shows you how to use a table top epoxy to get a gloss coat for an updated wood finish!
How To Get The Perfect Pour With Deep Pour Epoxy Resin!
Want to try deep pour, but not sure where to start? This tutorial will have you creating river tables, wall art, and more like a pro in no time!
Can’t Choose Which Epoxy Resin To Use? Deep Pour VS Table Top
Not sure of the difference between table top and deep pour? We compare and contrast both epoxy resins, cure times, pour depth, and MORE!
How To Do A Colored Dirty Pour l Step-By-Step Tutorial
In this tutorial, Jason with Upstart Epoxy walks us through the epoxy dirty pour technique, using Upstart's table top epoxy & powdered pigment set!
Resin Decorations: Use Epoxy to Transform Your Home Decor
Watch as we transform these pieces of pressed wood and turn them into AWESOME decorative artwork! These are the PERFECT gifts for a special someone, or for home decor to spice up your space!
Achieve A JAW DROPPING Epoxy Resin Bath Board l DIY Woodworking Pro Tips
Our deep pour epoxy resin SHINES in this stunning tricolor bath tray tutorial. Follow along to see how we constructed this piece from start to finish!
Must-Know Tips For A Glossy And Durable Epoxy Resin Piece!
Looking for incredible shine on your epoxy projects? Read this tutorial NOW to see how we got this glossy coating on a walnut wood serving tray!
DIY Dinner Table: Build Your Own Round Table With Epoxy Resin
Today, Rob shows just how versatile our table top epoxy resin is! Read along as he demonstrates how he made an AWESOME oval dinner table, step-by-step.
How To Create A Glossy, Glowing LED Epoxy Resin Sign
Ever wanted to know how those GORGEOUS glowing LED signs are made? Rob with Upstart Epoxy shows you how to make them at home!
DIY Live Edge Resin Table l Floating Slab Tutorial For Beginners
Today, Rob shows you how to make an epoxy river table with floating slabs! The tutorial is full of DIY pro-tips, epoxy calculations, and much more.